Web chat for Apache Taverna

Some of the Apache Taverna developers and users hang out on the Gitter web chat apache/taverna for more informal communications.

Feel free to join us!

Join Chat

Note that the chat service is provided by a third-party and that joining the chat will require either a GitHub or Twitter account.

Decisions happen on the mailing lists

If it didn't happen on the mailing list, it didn't happen.

IRC and web chat channels can be great for informal enquiries like "Where do I find ClassB.java", code pastes and and experimentation, particuarly using Gitter's Markdown support!

However by their synchronous nature, chat rooms can fail to include the wider community who might not share your time zone or have the same day/night pattern.

In addition some decisions are better taken in a paced conversation; there's usually no rush. Email threads with a good Subject: also make it easier to keep issues separate; as well as later being findable in the list archive.

We therefore always use the Taverna mailing list for all project decisions and information purposes.

It's OK if you get a good idea on the chat; just send an email afterwards to the list. To be inclusive, try not to use a form like "We decided that Foo should be replaced with Bar", but rather use a neutral form like "One idea is to replace Foo with Bar".

IRC channel

The Taverna community previously used the IRC chat channel #taverna on irc.freenode.net, which public log remains available.

Gitter provides an IRC bridge which should work with most IRC clients to access the apache/taverna Gitter room.