Taverna Language (SCUFL2 API)

Apache Taverna Language is a library and command line tool for working with SCUFL2 workflow definitions and Taverna's data bundle structure.

Taverna Language overview

Taverna Language modules

Apache Taverna Language (incubating) is a Java API that gives programmatic access to inspecting, modifying and converting SCUFL2 workflow definitions and Research Object Bundles.

You can download Taverna Language or use it through Maven.

Usage and Javadoc

See the Taverna Language Javadoc for documentation of classes and methods of Taverna Language. Good starting points: * org.apache.taverna.scufl2.api * org.apache.taverna.robundle * org.apache.taverna.databundle

See incubator-taverna-language's README for further documentation for the different modules of Taverna Language.