Using service sets in Workbench

A service set is a collection of services that have something in common, for example a compatible functionality or suitability for a domain.

Adding service sets

You can add a set of services to the Workbench Service Panel by right-clicking on Available Services. The service set can either be specified in a file, or downloaded from a URL on the Web that points to the service description file. You have the choice to replace your current set of services, or add to your set of services.

Note that the service templates and local services are not removed when you replace your service set.

Saving service sets

You can save the set of services in the Service Panel of the Workbench by right-clicking on Available Services in the Service Panel.

Available service sets

Currently available service sets include:

NCBI Entrez Utilities

The NCBI Entrez Utilities Web service set includes a set of NCBI Entrez services providing access to the following utilities:


The Chemistry Web service set is a set of Web services for chemistry provided by ChemSpider, ChEBI and PubChem.


You can also find service sets on myExperiment.