Pre-Apache Taverna Server

This version of the Server is based on Taverna 2.5 and is called Taverna Server 2.5.4. Documentation for the Server is available on-line.


Download the Taverna Server 2.5.4 WAR and follow the installation instructions.

The software distributor Launchpad has an archive of earlier non-Apache releases of Taverna Server.

System Requirements

Operating system

The Server can currently be installed on Linux and Mac OS X.


You will need a Java 7 installation or newer. Either OpenJDK 7 or Oracle Java 7 are recommended.

If using Oracle Java 7, you must install the Java Cryptography Extension extension for Java 1.7 and follow the included README on how to install the JCE to lib/security/ of your Java installation. This is not necessary for OpenJDK 7.

WebApp container

You will need a suitable servlet container.

The Server has been developed using Tomcat 6.0.26 as the servlet container, but other versions of Tomcat are known to work (back to at least Tomcat 6.0.20, and up to Tomcat 7.0.53) and other containers may also function correctly, as no Tomcat-specific APIs are used in the deployable code. We welcome feedback on which containers work, as well as on how to configure them.

Source Code

The source code to Apache Taverna Server is available from the Taverna project's space on Apache's Git Server. The 2.5.4 release was made automatically using Apache Maven from the 2.5.4 git tag; you may download the exact source tree if you wish, but it is easier to fork and check out the code.

If you encounter any problems, please contact us.

Client side stuff

To complement the Taverna Server, we have developed several client side libraries and applications. They access the Server's functionality and can help you build your client applications around the Server and provide exemplars of how such applications can be implemented.