Taverna Workbench 2.5 (pre-Apache release)

Download Formats

Taverna Workbench 2.5 is available in the current formats

For executing workflows without a user interface you might also be interested in the Taverna Command Line Tool.

Check system requirements before you download Taverna.

Adding plugins

Taverna can be extended with various Plugins. At this point it is undecided which plugins will be upgraded to Taverna 3. If you are interested in the upgrade of any plugin to Taverna 3, please contact us.

Similarly, it has not yet been decided which plugins will be pre-populated into a workbench download, and if so how this will be done.

If you are interested in domain-specific versions of Taverna as done in non-Apache Taverna 2.5, please contact us.

Next steps

See the release notes for details about what is new in this release. Follow the quick start guide if you are new to Taverna. Example workflows are available in the Starter Pack of the myExperiment tab within the Workbench. Service sets are available for various domains to allow you to customize services that appear in your Workbench. If you run into issues, check the User Manual or contact us.


Taverna Workbench 2.5 for Windows 64-bit

Taverna Workbench 2.5 for Windows 32-bit

Please contact us to confirm continued interest in a 32 bit installer

Taverna Workbench 2.5 for Mac OS X

Taverna Workbench 2.5 for Linux RPM package

Taverna Workbench 2.5 for Linux Debian package

Taverna Workbench 2.5 standalone

This is operating system and architecture-neutral binary. Check the standalone's system requirements.