Taverna and myExperiment are being used for astronomy research by several projects:


The UK’s AstroGrid is a ~£14M (over the period 2001-2009) project aimed at building a data-grid for UK astronomy, which will form the UK contribution to a global VirtualObservatory.

A Taverna 1.x processor has been written to enable client-site AstroGrid utilities to be included within Taverna workflows.


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The SAMPO project was part of the ongoing Finnish contribution to the European Southern Observatory.

Based upon Taverna, the SAMPO project developed the Recipe Flexible Execution workflow system ESO Reflex. ESO Refex allows users to connect together C programs that reduce the raw data produced by ESO instruments.


The paper ESO Reflex: A Graphical Workflow Engine for Running Recipes by Hook et al, describes the ESO Reflex workbench.