Data and text mining

Taverna is used for the automation of data and text mining by various projects and researchers.
These include:


Taverna is used by researchers at NBIC as an enactment platform for BioAID workflows from the AIDA (Adaptive Information Disclosure Application) toolkit developed by VL-e that offers services for knowledge extraction, text mining and knowledge management.

There is a myExperiment group for AID workflows.


The presentation My BioAID: personalised text mining with Web services from the AIDA toolbox by Marco Roos describes the use of the AIDA toolkit and Taverna.

Open software development workflows

Taverna has been used to model the research community developing open source software together with the software itself. This work, done by the Free/Libre Open Source Software Research community is described on the Web site, in particular their publications.

There is a myExperiment group for researchers studying open source software development.
The myExperiment group share some of their Taverna workflows.