Taverna is used by various projects and researchers for handling and collating multimedia resources.
These include:

Course generator

Carsten Ullrich from the Shanghai Jiaotong University and others have used Taverna to integrate VIACIPA (a Web-based digital library of multimedia objects) and Paigos (a course generator) in order to formalize and automate the creation of learning courses based upon specific user requirements and individual learning activities and resources.


The work is detailed in the paper Multimedia-Learning in a Life Science Workflow Environment by Ullrich et al.


The electronic Cultural Heritage made Accessible for Sustainable Exploitation project depends upon being

able to access, aggregate and exploit multimedia content from multiple sources across Europe.

The project has used Taverna workflows to manipulate the data held by several legacy database systems. The mapping services within the workflows deal with inconsistent formatting of particular types of data, such as place and date.


The paper The eCHASE System for Cross-border Use of European Multimedia Cultural Heritage Content in Education and Publishing by Addis et al, describes the technical structure of the eCHASE system.