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Package org.apache.taverna.workflowmodel.processor.dispatch

Definition and support classes for the Dispatch Stack.

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Package org.apache.taverna.workflowmodel.processor.dispatch Description

Definition and support classes for the Dispatch Stack. Each processor in a workflow contains a stack of dispatch layers with each layer being responsible for a particular aspect of the invocation. At a high level the stack consumes a queue of events from the iteration system along with an initial set of service proxy objects and is repsonsible for taking jobs from the queue and matching them to appropriate invocation targets.

Taverna 1 has in effect a single hardcoded dispatch stack for each processor with little control over it aside from a few basic properties. To replicate the same behaviour within Taverna 2 there are dispatch layers for parallelism, retry, failover and invocation. As the dispatch layer is an extension point we or others can provide other aspects such as recursive invocation and dynamic (runtime) binding from abstract service proxies to concrete instances. The last is possible because the service list is passed through the stack along with the queue or individual job events and can be rewritten or filtered by dispatch layer implementations.

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